Why Comprehensive Addiction Drug & Alcohol Treatment Program?


CO-OCCURRING DISORDERS- We don’t stop with our quality treatment of addictive behaviors. We know we must also support the client with medical and emotional treatment as well.

New Beginning at CAP


SERENE SETTINGS- CAP’s remote location provides an ideal place for times of therapy, education, private reflection and recreation.

RELAPSE-PREVENTION TRAINING- Based on proven relapse prevention techniques, our clients are trained to develop a personalized lifestyle plan for living a drug and alcohol-free life in recovery.

MEN and WOMEN’S THERAPEUTIC COMMUNITIES- Our men and women’s programs are conducted in their own communal settings. Family-like suites allow for comfortable living and the programs are tailored for the unique needs of men and women who visit us.

FAMILY SUPPORT- Believing the whole family is impacted by their loved one’s past addiction and their future recovery, family orientation and training is stressed, along with private family counseling.

TRANSITIONAL LIVING FACILITY- Clients are urged to continue treatment in our Transitional Living where formal advanced training, counseling and instruction sessions. Transitional living households allow for development of a healthy personal lifestyle which leads to ongoing sobriety.

DETOX SERVICES-Our trained counselors work with clients in separation from addictive substances in our unique detoxification center.

ALUMNI- Our alumni are encouraged to take advantage of ongoing counseling, staff consults, process groups and alumni activities.