Transitional Living

The facility is 12-bed transitional sober-living facility located on the CAP property.  It provides an alcohol and drug-free environment for individuals who need support while they transition to independent living.

This service is to help residents improve their living skills and slowly transition to independent living while maintaining abstinence from addictive substances. Services include full room and board, AA/NA support, facilitated peer-support groups, transition planning and case management, and financial planning and budgeting.

Applicants accepted into residency are expected to be totally committed to sobriety and recovery while they pursue the academic, vocational, and social activities that will help them achieve those goals.

Qualification include: at least 30 days clean and sober, 30 days residential/inpatient program completed, or attending an outpatient program coinciding with residency in sober living. For the other qualifications please contact our program manager today.

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