Family Visitation:

Family Visitation only applies to residential clients. Detox client are not allowed any visitors. If you have
any questions or would like to check in on detox clients please contact detox staff (559) 485-6364.



As you probably well know, addiction tends to have progressive symptoms on the family unit similar to that of a practicing addict. The family system tends to change in order to cope with the chaos that is created. This can lead to behavior, which left un-addressed will destroy relationships.

In our effort to help you understand the addiction process, the role of the family and how the family system can be affected, we require your attendance in our Wednesday night Family Education Group (F.E.G.), 7 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. We would like to reiterate that attendance in the Family Education Group is mandatory in order to visit your loved one. Rules regarding visitation will be covered during this group.

For additional support dealing with alcoholics we recommend joining the Al-anon and/or Nar-anon community.


Visits are held on Sundays for all clients from 1 p.m. – 4 p.m. Please understand that our primary goal is to fully utilize the time we have to work with your significant other and their families in hopes of gaining a better understanding of your personal situation. Therefore we cannot excuse anyone from attending the group for any reason. However, if you attend family group on a regular basis and have a problem with a particular Wednesday night, consideration may be given.

Please be advised that there is a 7-day separation period for our residents in order to give them the opportunity to become adjusted to their group; staff and the treatment process. Children sixteen and under are the only exception to this policy.

We do provide an open visit on the first Sunday of every month in order to accommodate those who cannot attend the Family Education Group (Provided your family member has completed the 7-separation). This week there is no Family Education Group. Remember this group is for you. The additional Sundays during the course of a month are considered family-bonding time in conjunction with attendance of the Family Education Group.



Patients are not permitted to receive incoming telephone calls or electronic mail due to Federal confidentiality laws. Patients do however have limited telephone privileges to make outgoing calls on designated days.

You may send mail to patients at the following address. We ask that you do not send food or candy of any kind; however, flowers or small gifts are permissible. No potted flowers or plants only cut flowers and no glass containers

Comprehensive Addiction Programs Inc. c/o Client’s Name

2445 West Whites Bridge Avenue, Fresno, CA 93706

For those visitors needing accommodations, CLICK HERE