Reaching to Rebuild Lives, Families and Communities

Comprehensive Addiction Programs envisions individuals, families, neighborhoods and communities free from the consequences of alcohol and drug addiction.

CAP’s mission is to provide a safe, hate-free environment that supports recovery from addiction to live a healthy lifestyle.

All CAP service delivery processes will developed, implemented, and maintained in a manner and in an environment that embodies:

Trust:  An environment of physical and emotional safety within which clients and staff work together toward common goals.
Diversity:  Respect and appreciation for the ethnic, cultural, linguistic, gender, and spiritual differences among our clients and staff.
Respect:  Acknowledgement and acceptance of the traditions, beliefs and values of those we serve.
Honesty:  Interactions with others that are sincere, truthful, fair, and genuine.
Integrity:  Acting according to the values, beliefs and principles we claim to hold.

    • Commitment to the vision, mission and values will be demonstrated in every aspect of service delivery in every program or activity.
    • Any proposed activity, whether on CAP property or supported by the agency at off-site locations, will only be approved if it clearly serves the intent of CAP’s mission.